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P90X Final Progress Report


Well, well, well.  Look who finally decided to show up and share final numbers.  I know, I’m the worst and I’m sorry.  I appreciate everyone who has continued to visit my blog, especially those of you looking for info about P90X.  I really can’t believe it has been 7 months since my last post.  It has been a tumultuous few months which is all I can say in terms of an excuse.  Highlights included 5 weeks of grand jury duty, looming unemployment AGAIN as my firm dissolved and filed for bankruptcy (Yikes) and 4 months getting accustomed to a new job.  Needless to say, blogging wasn’t a top priority for me.

Anyway, enough with the excuses, I know you’re all eager to hear how P90X worked out for me so, without further ado, here are my numbers as I progressed through P90X.  The final numbers are at the bottom.  As before, I’ve shown the change from the previous numbers in parantheses (difference from Day 1), brackets (difference from Day 30) and bolded (difference from Day 60). Read more…

New Year, New Look … Same Old Blog


Happy New Year!  I apologize for not blogging for so long.  I got into such routine with posting my P90X updates that once I finished P90X, I think I forgot how to regular-blog (that’s a verb).  I have lots of ideas in my head for new posts (and I hope none of them turn into Ugly Betties).  On the agenda will be the unveiling of our redecorated bedroom, which only took me 15 months to finish, including the homemade headboard!  I have a Thanksgiving post that’s been waiting to makes it debut since November which also includes a drool-worthy cupcake recipe.  And not to be outdone by Thanksgiving, Christmas wants to makes its own appearance so I documented the making of some new Christmas pillows for you.  Stay tuned!  I’ll also post my final P90X numbers and tell you what I’ve been up to on the exercise-front since finishing (hint: not all that much).  2011 should be a better year for LeGeytimate Thoughts and a better year for me since 2010, well, it sucked.  Good riddance.

For a new year I’ve gone with a new look.  I really like the change … what do you think?  I thought the black background of yesteryear (literally) was a bit difficult to read but none of the other themes were doing it for me when I first started the blog.  Now that I have a better idea of how this whole things work (links and widgets and custom headers, oh my), I was able to customize this theme to my liking.  I feel rejuvenated and I’m looking forward to sharing lots of good stuff with you this year.  So please keep reading!

Because why wouldn't you want to see a picture of Mattie eating a cookie?

P90X Week 14: Days 96-98



Today is Friday of my official last week of P90X!  We are heading out of town for the weekend to visit friends in NYC so I’m going to spare you the suspense and just tell you up front that I didn’t do any working out this weekend.  So, officially, today is my last day of P90X (for the first time, at least).  I did Core Synergistics this morning and was very happy with the way the workout went.  I had pretty much already decided that I wasn’t going to get up early on Saturday, before our 9:15 bus, to do Yoga so I knew that this would really be it for my first crack at P90X.  Therefore I worked a little harder than I might otherwise have.  I did the entire workout from start to finish and through the bonus round.  I felt like it was necessary, knowing that I was heading into a weekend of gluttony and that I’d have to do record my weight and measurements when I got back.  At least I can’t say I didn’t try!


Though I started the day off on a good note, with a yogurt for breakfast, a Kashi meal for lunch, and healthy snacks in between, dinner wasn’t exactly what you’d call diet-friendly.  Since we’d be out of town for a couple days, I wanted to get rid of any perishables in the fridge.  So my husband had leftover Chicken Marsala and I had leftover fried Italian rice balls.  Oh and I paired them both with a salad so, ya know, that was healthy.

For the weekend, I actually packed lunches for our bus ride so that, if we stopped at a rest stop along the way, we wouldn’t end up eating Sbarro’s or Burger King or something equally nasty.  Instead we had turkey and cheese on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato and some snacks.  Of course once we got into NYC it was all Mexican food, margaritas, beer, waffles, bacon and eggs.  Upon our return to DC, we ordered a greasy pizza for dinner.  I can’t wait to do my wiegh-in and report how bad the last phase of P90X was for me!

P90X Week 14: Day 95



I’m not sure how this happened, but I somehow mixed up the schedule of days for this week.  I was supposed to do Kenpo yesterday and X Stretch today, not the other way around.  That makes a whole lot more sense since the way I did it, I had one day of Yoga (which I didn’t do) and one day of Core Synergistics before taking a break for stretching, which really isn’t necessary.  Anywho, this morning I did Kenpo but in kind of a cheaters’ way.  It was cold in the house and warm in my bed and the alarm was going off so early.  My husband is back from his stupid trip to protect voters in CT* so the only thing that got me out of bed (after many, many snoozes) was the fact that he was exhausted and didn’t need to be up for another two hours, so it wasn’t really fair of me to wake him up every 9 minutes with my snoozed alarm.  He’s pretty selfish, wouldn’t you say?  By the time I stopped snoozing and made my way around the house getting ready to work out, it was almost 7:00.  Seeing as how Kenpo is a 1-hour long video, I clearly needed to do something to speed up the process.  I decided to skip the warm-up and cool-down (I know, I shouldn’t do that, shhhh) and fast-forwarded through the breaks.  I didn’t feel that great about the overall workout, it was kind of lame, but I guess it’s better than nothing.


I think I’m just going to accept the fact that I am not a healthy eater and will therefore never be very skinny with a six-pack.  I dream about having a perfect body and looking great in all my clothes and in bathing suits.  And I know that to some extent this is possible to achieve.  But it would take a LOT of willpower.  And for someone who has absolutely NO willpower, I just don’t see this as a real possibility.  I cannot stop myself from eating things that I shouldn’t or eating too much in one sitting.  I can’t resist Reduced Fat Cheez-Its (I bought yet another box yesterday).  I might have a day or two here and there where I eat healthy all day but I think even what I consider healthy, probably isn’t what I should be eating to get super-skinny.  Interspersed among those healthy days are the days where I eat entire pizzas or have Chinese food for dinner.  I believe I’m just a lost cause.

*I don’t actually think protecting voters is stupid.  I just like to give him a hard time for leaving me for weeks or months at a time.

P90X Week 14: Days 93 & 94 (Take 2)


Although you are reading this some time in December, a mere day after my last post, I have a confession to make.  I wrote my last post a full week ago (on October 27 and today is November 3).  After getting up for Yoga last Wednesday (because I skipped it when I was supposed to do it on Monday), I competely fell off the P90X wagon.  For the record, I’m imagining a wagon like from Oregon Trail with all of the P90X Players on board … I hope no one gets dysentery!  Anyway, every night last week I set my alarm with the intention of doing P90X.  And every morning, I snoozed for 40 minutes until finally resetting the alarm for an hour later.  By the time the weekend came, I had just given up.  And not only with the workouts.  I gave up on the diet too.  After eating that whole box of Cheez-Its in one day, I went back to the grocery store for another box and ate that whole thing too.  On Saturday (after a bit too much drinking Friday night), I had McDonald’s for lunch.  McDonald’s!  I had a quarter pounder with cheese and fries and I checked the nutrition info on the back of the box.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to consume 75% of my daily recommended allowance of saturated fat in one sitting.  That night, at a Halloween party, I took an entire cheese pizza into a dark room and ate the whole thing by myself.  True story.  It was terribly delicious.

The saddest part about this is that it’s technically my last week of P90X.  Why don’t I have the motivation to finish strong??  I mentioned last week that I’m feeling really burnt out.  I guess this is not surprising since I started my first P90X workout on July 19 (16 weeks ago) and about 95% of that time I’ve been getting out of bed at 5:30 AM (except for my week at Oktoberfest and a few other lapses along the way).  Regardless, it’s a travesty.  Which is why I’ve decided to start my last week one more time.  Yes, it’s Tuesday, which means I’ve already skipped a day already.  But it’s better than nothing and hopefully I can wrap up my personal P90X challenge on the right foot (and without a huge shock when I step back on the scale).  So, without further ado, I bring you a repeat of days 2 and 3 of Week 14, to be followed by a successful rest of the week (fingers crossed!).

Read more…

P90X Week 14: Day 94



On today’s schedule was X Stretch.  This is an hour-long stretching video with a bit of yoga mixed in.  I’ve done it once the entire time I’ve been doing P90X because it’s usually a choice between X Stretch or Rest and I choose Rest.  Today, instead of doing X Stretch, I decided to do Yoga.  It seemed like a logical solution since I didn’t do it on Monday and X Stretch incorporates a lot of Yoga into it.  And it was a fine day for Yoga.  I did what I could, skipped what I couldn’t, and muted the video as soon as the balance postures began.  I also skipped the corpse pose and fetus pose and omm’s at the end in the interest of time.  Truth-be-told, I really half-assed it.  I’m just really drained of energy right now and I’m sick of P90X.  I’m sorry but that’s the truth.  Sick.  Of.  It.

I ended up staying home again today but unfortunately not to work.  After Yoga, while I was getting ready for work, I got a migraine.  I get these pretty frequently, though there’s no real pattern and I can’t figure out what triggers them.  I don’t usually get the debilitating headache, thankfully.  Instead, I get these weird swirls in my eyes (they’re called auras, apparently) which make it very difficult for me to see for about 45 minutes.  It comes with a weird, dull headache Read more…

P90X Week 14: Days 92 & 93


Day 1

It’s my first Monday morning of the Recovery Week/my final P90X week, as well my first Monday morning with my husband out-of-town.  I went to bed pretty early Sunday night after a long day of traveling back from NY, so as to have enough energy to get out of bed and start the week right!  Then the alarm went off.  And I was so comfy under the covers, snuggling with little Mattie.  Mattie happens to be the best snuggler in the world.  I think she could put the worst insomniac to sleep with how comfortable she is to snuggle with.  Well anyway, you know how the story goes: snooze, snooze, snooze, off, reset for 1 hour later, miss workout.  Then I promised myself I’d do Yoga after work to make up for it.  But I had dinner plans … and a glass of wine … and Monday Night Football to watch.  Yada yada yada, I didn’t do Yoga.

I was pretty good about the diet though, so you can pat me on the back for that (I know you want to).  I started my morning with some wheat toast with margarine and jam, had a boca burger for lunch (on a whole wheat roll with a slice of American cheese) and ordered a black bean burger with fries for dinner.  Not the best diet day, but also not the worst.

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